Local Improvement Finance Trust companies, LIFTCos, are a public private partnership set up in 2001 as part of a new government initiative which have exclusive rights to modernise and develop primary care and community based premises for the NHS.

This partnership is a vehicle for improving and developing frontline primary and community care based on a Strategic Service Development Plan. This SSDP enables all of the statutory bodies that have a responsibility for improving health in the locality to plan for the health needs of the population. The LIFTCo will then not only deliver the plan, in conjunction with the NHS and it’s Trusts, but will also enter into a 25 year undertaking to deliver the Partnering Services.

Simply put, LIFTCos will build, maintain and operate primary care buildings and they will assist the local health economy to develop the best solutions to its services.

The Newcastle and North Tyneside LIFT Partnership was set up under the NHS LIFT initiative. Frequently Asked Questions about the NHS LIFT initiative can be found on the Department of Health Site. www.dh.gov.uk