SPB & the SSDP

SPB and the SSDP
A Strategic Partnering Board (SPB) has been established to direct the work of the Newcastle and North Tyneside LIFT Partnership and monitor the performance of the local LIFT company (NNT LIFTCo) in key areas.

The SPB agrees the needs of the local community and determines the requirements for local facilities and/or services to be provided by NNT LIFTCo. In doing so, the SPB is responsible for:
ensuring a coherent, joined-up approach to service planning and development
maintaining a Strategic Service Development Plan (SSDP) and ensuring that the partnership develops schemes that are consistent with its shared vision for improving delivery of local services
reviewing the financial and operational performance of NNT LIFTCo
considering tenants’ requests for structural alterations to existing buildings
considering tenants’ requests to replace supply chain members due to poor performance
The SPB includes senior management representatives nominated by:

Newcastle Primary Care Trust
Newcastle City Council
North Tyneside Primary Care Trust
North Tyneside Council
The SPB is chaired by an independent, non-executive chairman appointed by the Board itself. The LIFT Administrator is Linda Bell, who may be contacted by telephoning 0191 217 2666 or at linda.bell@northtyneside-pct.nhs.uk